SANDY BARBER “I Think I’ll Do Some Stepping” (1977, Olde World)

Great, another unknown diva! Actually, Sandy worked in the 80s with Ish (from Foxy) in Blue Modern (nope, me neither) and made the mandatory house-wailing-thing as Sandy B, but I can safely say her disco album slipped under the radar… Well, thanks to technology and this little thing called “mp3”, we can still enjoy this breezy-and-then-gritty call for independance. (I know, I'll end up in jail…)

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Gay Per Se said...

Great find, in a similar vein to The Supremes 1976 album Mary, Scherrie & Susaye with a touch of Marlena Shaw and Linda Clifford styling. Appreciated.

the saucer people said...

I must have struck lucky with the last track as it was on RS whereas the Sandy Barber and Martin Dupont track are both hosted on DS and don't work :(

Sadly there are not dates on the blog so I do not know when you stopped posting or whether the dead links will be rectified....probably stopped because no fu*cker would leave a comment or a simple thank you for sharing all these amazing records, thats what usually happens!

SANDY BARBER “I Think I’ll Do Some Stepping” (1977, Olde World)

Dazzling Dee said...

Hi there!,
All my dead links have been updated to RapidShare. Enjoy.