BOHANNON “Keep On Dancin’” (1974, Dakar)

Hamilton Bohannon began as a drummer for Stevie Wonder and after a successful stint as a bandleader for Motown, he created disco. More or less: the strings came from Philadelphia and Barry White, the groove was handed by James Brown, Bohannon for his part brought the hypnotic rhythms. On his second album, all his tricks are laid down: the funky bass, the unstoppable drums, the meaningless chants and, overall, the african trance. So proud with the result, he shamelessly recycled the formula (see the countless versions of “Let's Start the Dance”). But, hey, who can blame him when the music is so good!

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Anonymous said...

No lie. Growing up I remember this album cover so up until today after reading your post, I see that Bohannon is NOT a woman but a man!! I feel so embarrassed.. 30yrs I've thought this!!