VENISE “The Mystery With Me” (1978, Jobiss International)

Produced by Jo Bisso, a veteran of the french afro-funk scene. Actually, the music on the Venise LP, “The Best Disco in the City", is the same as on Jo's “The Best Disco in the City” LP, and you also find some of those songs on Jo's “The Best Disco in Town” double-LP. Confusing, I know… Anyway, the guy is a master of the groove and that killer bassline was sampled by Bel Amour in 2000.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent album ! hard to find and expensive now. :(( about "my man" song
you can find a 4'30 version on the 12"
a 5' version in another LP
and the one you show is THE version to have absolutely : 7'30... with plenty of breaks, afro sound etc..
the other tune i love in this one is "love is the real thing" totally glamorous and diva music..
in the double album you dt find the "my man" song..
and of course "the mystery with me" you quoted that is very good. any young dudes recognizes it on the floor. merci aux trentenaires !! keep disco alive

jerome green said...

Hi David,

Mad crazy track. Thanks for sharing real underground disco.

Peace, Jerome

Overfitting Disco said...

wouhouuuu this is a must have ;) too bad I haven't. It's in my wantlist anyway... Hell yeah! great choice again.

Anonymous said...

sorry do you have a rapidshare link pleasE??mercii!!!

Dazzling Dee said...

Yes, click on the picture!

the saucer people said...

So how do I download this..... ;)

The Venise 'The Misteri With Me' is one of those seventies disco tracks that approach perfection, absolutely faultless.

Though I have been listening to 'disco' music for years I only came across this track last year on the wonderful compilation album 'Disco Divas Vol 1' on Ambassadors Reception label (well worth getting for the pile of deep crate diggin tracks featured and compiled by Steve Kotey of Chicken Lips fame) - never heard any more tracks on this album so it would be splendid if you could post one more!)

The version on the compilation I mentioned is 6:09, the same as the The Best Disco In The City album version so it was great to hear the extra minute and a half (when tracks are this good every second can count!)

PS> saw your blog list that you had Terrys Musical Life up there and sadly it is no more :( that was one hell of a great blog, still glad there are people like you still around to provide a real edu(disco)cation.

the saucer people said...

Ahh the first post threw me, I thought they were talking about this track being 7 minutes long when in fact he (safe bet with the gender) was talking about the 'My Man' track (which according to Discogs is 8:35 long) for some reason an not this track - did you post that elsewhere???

I am all confused now...but clearly the Venise track on the Disco Divas compilation is the same as the album version, glad I cleared that up, the mist has lifted....!

the saucer people said...

I will shut up in a minute, just thought I would add to the confusion!

So we have the Venise album produced by Jo Bisso and released on his own label:

Venise - The Best Disco In The City
Label:Jobiss International
Catalog#:JLP 78001

Then we have another Jo Bisso produced album except instead it goes under his own name and not 'Venise' but it has same album title, its released in the same year (also in France) but instead of on his own label, its released on the home of easy listening, the Music For Pleasure label:

Jo Bisso - The Best Disco In The City
Label:Music For Pleasure
Catalog#:2 M 026-63858

Both albums have the exact same titles and running order except for the fact that on he Jo Bisso album 'My Man' clocks up at 5:10 and on the Denise album it clocks up at 8:35!!!

This is the kind of thing that keeps me awake at night!

On top of that there also seems to be a double album by Jo Bisso with the same title and one of the albums is the same as the single release but the other album of the double has a completely different set of, you think they knew that over 30 years later they would cause so much confusion; DISCO BABEL!!!