LA SHE BA “You’ve Been Hunchin’” (1979, Heavenly Star)

I took my time, but, finally, here is some stuff produced by my idols, Peter Brown & Patrick Adams. We now know pretty well their outputs on the bunch of micro labels they operated in New York (P&P, Queen Constance, Golden Flamingo, Land of Hits, Hit Makers of America…), thanks to some great compilations by the Suss'd label. I choose the extended version of the track credited to Catherine Miller on “Deep Disco Culture, vol. 1”. Of course, it's a bit long (10') and the edit is quite rough, but the hypnotic and sparse groove absolutely drives me crazy. At night, I dream to be reborn in the 50s, in NYC, to experience firsthand the whole disco explosion, dancing in one of the few discerning clubs that played this underground gem.

To learn more on the P&P family, visit my friend Disco Patrick. And now you cand find most of the P&P productions on iTunes.

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